Holidays and vacations to exotic areas with renowned scenery or landmarks are something many people pursue for their often once in a lifetime trips. In addition to the allure of traveling to amazing locations, some people have found it fun to seek out unique accommodations. It is surprising how many crazy or out of the ordinary places there are to stay in the world. Here are four very unusual and unique hotel stay ideas:

1. Jules Undersea Lodge – located in Key Largo, Florida (USA), this one room hotel offers something few others can boast about–underwater lodging. Patrons must dive 21 feet under the sea to reach the entrance of this underwater lair that began as a research lab in the 1970s. Once in awhile special projects are still performed there, but it is largely used as a recreational getaway for divers. The highlight of the underwater hideaway is the large 42 inch window that looks out into the sea, in plain view of the barracuda and tropical angelfish that swim by.The getaway, covered with sponges, oysters and anemones, appears to belong in the sea. Guests who choose to stay in this exotic underwater lodge can explore outside using scuba gear that the Lodge provides. The Lodge provides unlimited tanks so that ocean lovers can enjoy all the diving time they would like while staying in the magical underwater abode.

2. Baumbaus Hotel – how about staying in whimsical, oddly shaped tree houses? The Baumbaus Hotel in Eastern Germany boasts five family oriented tree houses for patrons to enjoy. The tree houses are about eight to ten meters up in the trees, two stories and all furnished rustically yet comfortably. Since 2005, this fun lodging has been open just outside of Gorlitz, Germany in a recreational park with fun and family friendly activities.

3. Sala Silvermine Underground Suite – at 155 meters below the Earth’s surface, the Sala Silvermine Underground Suite is the worlds’ deepest bedroom. When you arrive at the mine, located in Sweden, guests are treated to a tour of the silver mine, winding their way down to the underground room. On the tour, there are magical lakes and vast galleries and caverns. The trip is cold and dark but exquisitely beautiful as well. After the guided tour, refreshments will be provided. There is an intercom to reach the staff above ground, and there will be someone available all night if one should need something during the stay. In the morning, a guide will bring breakfast and the stay below the ground will be a memory worth talking about for years to come.

4. Hotel Puerta America – Madrid, Spain, boasts a a hotel like no other. Twelve floors where each and every one is a designer masterpiece, each very different from the other. From leather to wood, red plastic to black marble, the style is unique and eye catching. Some customers have said this hotel, while arresting and attention getting, is a case of style over substance as they experience frustration with brightly lit walls that do not dim and high tech appliances they cannot work. However, the front desk staff is quite amenable to changes if patrons have the need. There is a list of the rooms at the front desk for guests to look over, giving details of each one in order to facilitate choices.

Under the sea, up in the trees, below the earth, will wonders never cease? These way-out-there lodging ideas are just a sampling of what this world has to offer these days. Exotic vacations that include one or more of such unique hotel stays are sure to be the stuff once-in-a-lifetime getaways are made of.

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By: Lisa Work Martin