Kite Surfing is a relatively new sport that is seeing the numbers of people getting interested in it rocketing. At the end of 1999 it was estimated that only 1,000 people actually participated in this extreme sport. By 2005 however there were 100,000 kite surfers around the globe.

Although founded in Hawaii and France Kite Surfers like wave surfers travel the world looking for better and more exciting places to surf with their kite. Thailand has been a favourite destination for yachtsmen and windsurfers for many years due to its prevailing winds at certain times of the year.

With average wind strengths of 15-20 knots during the northerly monsoon and 12-14 knots in the southerly monsoon Thailand is not a super windy place but it is a super place to have a holiday in. For many hard core kite surfers these ‘light’ winds would not be enough for them to travel to Thailand but for a family looking for a holiday to Thailand to enjoy some water activities then its ideal.

These light winds are ideal for gentle kite surfing so has been ideal for the beginners who can learn to control the kites in a more gentle breeze. This has lead to an explosion of Kite Surfing Schools in Thailand.

Unlike other water activities, like scuba diving, kite surfing sees a lot of Thai people getting involved in the sport. Many of the instructors that teach you kite surfing will be Thai nationals and the companies who rent you the gear will be owned by Thai people; this adds to your holiday and lets you get closer to the wonderful people of this country.

Best Places to Kite Surf in Thailand

You will find kite surfing Schools in all the major holiday destinations such as Koh Samui, Hua Hin, Phuket, Pattaya and Chumphon but it is the schools around Pattaya and Hua Hin that have the best beaches to teach from. This doesn’t mean that the other places don’t have wonderful white sand beaches fringe with tropical palm trees. What it means is that these locations have the best winds just off shore and the beaches here are not as busy in some locations.

Best Time To Holiday in Thailand for Kite Surfing

Koh Samui is best between November and the end of February, perfect for the beginner and intermediate.

Pattay and the surround coast is best between September and March again, perfect for the beginner and intermediate.

Hua Hin is a little more complicated; between November and January the north easterly monsoons provides the strongest winds in the morning. Between February and mid May its best to plan your kite surfing for the afternoons.

Phuket island has it easy when it comes to kite surfing seasons. From November to March the Northeasterly winds provide a gently breeze, then from March to October the wind is blowing from the West increases slightly.

Chumpon sees the best winds during the north easterly monsoons during November to January but like Hua Hin the winds remain strong enough in the afternoons from February to mid May.

From this you can easily see that a holiday to Thailand at any time of the year can be combined with kite surfing. Obviously any holiday between May and October will no doubt save you some money as this is the ‘Green’ season, but you do risk less than perfect weather during this time.

Brian is the author of few blogs about scuba diving, Kite Surfing Gear and loves go on holidays to Thailand with his family when every he can. With so many holidays to Thailand the blog is jammed full of information of traveling with children, scuba diving and general stories about Thailand.

By: Brian Lawson