As an all year round destination the French Alps offer something for all people and something for all seasons, a truly breathtaking area that stretches from the northern Savoir to a hair’s breadth away from the Mediterranean.

The culture from the more Germanic influenced Rhone-Alps to the very Latin style Provence-Alps-Cote d’Azur changes and as home to Mont Blanc at 4,810 metres these spectacular peaks offer many days, if not years of exploration posibility.

The variety of environment not only changes as one heads south, but as one ascends, with some five types of region available on one mountain. The lowlands lead up to the arable zone, which becomes the forested subalpine zone, above this the alpine zone at 2000-3000 metres home to many wildflowers and grasses, but above that in the neve zone life is scarce, but of course breathtaking.

It is impossible to mention the French Alps without thinking of arguably the best skiing in the world, with many of the world’s most renowned ski areas being found along the range: Les Trois Vallees, Espace Killey and Serre Chevalier to name but three of the best known and loved, but there are literally hundreds of smaller ski stations hidden in the peaks.

The mountains were formed when the techtonic plate of Africa pushed into Europe from the south, a process that is still ongoing, meaning the range grows by some 1cm a year, so things are only getting better for skiers.

The Alps are not an impenetrable barrier, the world knows of Hannibal’s crossing using elephants to take on the Roman Empire, but it is not just for war people have headed into the mountains, for centuries traders, merchants, students and pilgrims have been drawn to the mountain passes, making the first tracks for the modern roads that now criss cross the entire range.

It is well worth visiting at any time of year, whether it be to enjoy winter pursuits or just finding a campsite and staying for the summer months.

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By: Roger Bear