Okay, so you’re thinking about taking a ‘gap year’ or at least a long overdue lengthy vacation out of country except there’s one problem. You’re not in your 20′s anymore! Oh my god, alert the authorities. Not. Listen up people, you’re 30′s are actually the best (yes, the best) time to take a year off from life. Don’t believe me? Here’s 7 reasons why you should absolutely take gap year in your 30′s.

1. Because you deserve it

Chances are, if you’ve lived to be a 30 something, then you’ve been through some tough shit. And you’ve probably also floundered to find a fitting career – either one that you now love… or one that you now hate. Doesn’t matter. Point is, your 20′s are enormously exhausting. Fun? Sure. Of course. But exhausting nonetheless. And although it might be hard for you to stop, stand still, and convince yourself of this .. here it is … you deserve a break.

2. Because you’re not dumb like you used to be

You didn’t make it through your 20′s without gaining some street smarts. And these will come in handy when you’re traveling. No one’s gonna easily pull one over on you anymore, because you’re wise now. You know about things like drinking in moderation (okay, you kinda know about that) and trusting your gut.

3. Because you could use some down time to digest what you learned in your 20′s

If you’re anything like me, your 20′s were kinda like walking through a drive thru car wash – just shit coming at you from all angles and you just kind of chugging along through with no time to really process what was happening. One thing you get out of traveling in your 30′s, that I don’t think you get in your 20′s, is clarity. Honestly, you need a gap year in your 30′s because your head has been filled with so much crap and you need time to sort through it all. You need to get off Facebook and you need to get out of your own head. Otherwise you’ll never be able to understand exactly what it was that you learned from that failed relationship or failed business endeavor. You need time to reflect on everything you’ve done and learned in order to move forward with your life in a sensical manner and in a way that you won’t repeat past mistakes. A gap year can give you the space you need to reflect on what really makes you happy and what (or who) doesn’t so that you can deliberately and confidently move forward in your life.

4. Because you still have your health

I mean maybe you’re starting to feel a little back pain here and there, but for the most part you’re still healthy, kid. You’re not old yet.. but you will be one day. Your 30′s can be the best time to travel because you’re starting to become more aware of your body and you’re much more grateful for what it is capable of doing.

5. Because you can

If you’re reading this article, I’m assuming that you don’t have any kids yet. Not that you can’t travel with kids, because you can, but I sure wouldn’t be able to tell you how to do that. What I do know is that 30 somethings who don’t have any kids yet should definitely, definitely take a gap year just for this one simple reason … because they can. It will never, ever, ever be as easy for you to travel as it is right now – when you don’t have any children yet.

6. Because it will remind you of what is important in life

Your 20′s are tough. It can be a super confusing time. It’s like you thought you had all of the answers going into them, and then coming out of them you all of the sudden feel like you got hit by a bus. Thankfully, traveling in your 30′s can be a cleansing experience. Simple acts of kindness like a new friend sharing their water with you on a hike can go a long way and help to remind you of what really matters in life, despite not having all of the answers anymore. You also might find yourself missing your close friends and family when you’re out there in the world, and you might just gain a newfound appreciation for those who love you.

7. Because you might actually meet someone special

Obviously this is not the reason to take a gap year because gap years are all about you and your personal growth. However it’s okay to be open to possibilities. Unlike 20 somethings who aren’t fully developed enough to explore meaningful relationships, traveling 30 somethings have often been known to find their future husband or wife along their journeys. Or at the very least, they’re able to humbly and intimately share with other people the many ridiculous stories they acquired in their 20′s.


By: Cheri Cola