America may very well be a melting pot of cultures, but it makes for a very meaty and quirky stew! Of course there are the obvious things that you need to do and see in the states, but don’t forget the weird stuff too. It’s what this country is made of! Here are 10 offbeat things to do in the USA Before You Die.

1. Pig out at Hershey’s Chocolate World

Here in Hershey Pennsylvania you will learn everything you ever wanted to know about chocolate and the famous Hershey candy bar.

2. Drive through a tree in the Redwood National Park

The Chandelier tree in Northern California’ Redwoods is different from the rest mainly do to the fact that you can literally drive right through it.

3. Tailgate at Wrigley Field

Chicago does it best. Enjoy America’s favorite pastime (baseball!) in the windy city at possibly the most beloved stadium in the country. Chow down on pizza and drink a cold one with the locals.

4. Bike the California Coast

There are many tours and services like Trek who offer group cycling adventures up the unbeatably scenic west coast.

5. Be an extra in a Hollywood Movie

It’s actually not as hard as you think. Sign up for alerts from and you pretty much just show up Be aware it’s an all day affair.

6. Eat Buffalo Wings in Buffalo

Buffalo New York is the home of the buffalo wing. Head to Anchor Bar to get the original recipe.

7. Ride Epic Coasters in Ohio

Cedar Point is a theme park in a Ohio that has been dubbed the Roller Coaster Capital of the World! With more rides than anywhere else on Earth and also some of the tallest and fastest, you may want to cross this one off the list while you’re still young and able!

8. Search for the Fenn Treasure in the Rockies

There’s a chest of gold worth about 2 million dollars hidden somewhere in the Rockies. No kidding. Try to Decipher Fenn’s clues for yourself and then get out in nature to hunt.

9. Let loose at Burning Man

Head to the desert in Nevada to attend the Burning Man Festival, the most eccentric art festival in the entire world.

10. Ride the roller coasters in Vegas

There’s a few. Some tower over top the strip at the Stratosphere Hotel while another one seems to ride right along with the strip at the New York New York Hotel.