Antigua, Guatemala is a beautiful place to visit. So many breathtaking sites both inside and outside the city make it one of a kind and a vacation you will remember forever. Sites like the Pacaya volcano and Casa Cristina just to name a couple will enrich your soul. But is it safe? Well, the country of Guatemala is now known for it’s high crime rate, having one of the highest in the world. However, Antigua can be pretty safe .. as long as you play by the rules. Here are the best safety tips I can give on how to be safe when traveling to Antigua, Guatemala.

Try to stay on the beaten path and away from outside smaller neighborhoods. However if you must, the city does offer police escorts several times a day to places like Cerra de la Cruz where mugging is high.
Don’t go out at night. Even locals admit that they stay in at night to avoid any trouble with muggers or harassment. Do your site seeing in the day and keep the nightlife to minimum.
Stay at a higher-end hotel, especially one of the former monasteries. Casa Antigua Hotel is a great choice.
Consider a completely guided tour of the city with sightseeing, meals, hotels, and transport pre-arranged for you. Not only will this be safer but it will also be a great way to connect with your guides and their friends. Here are two great companies that offer this in Guatemala: Adrenalina Tours: and Rainbow Travel:
Don’t forget to have an amazing time! Hike up Pacaya Volcano, visit the ‘world’s most gorgeous lake’, Lake Atitlan and the surrounding villages of San Pedro, San Marcos and San Antonio, and push yourself to be braver than you ever thought you could be.

By: Cheri Cola

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